Monday, July 27, 2015

Birthday Nails!!!

Hey guys! The nail art I'll be showing you today is a mani I did a few days ago for my brother's fourth birthday. Even though he didn't really seem to care when I showed him, I still thought they were super cute!

To start my mani, I first applied a layer of base coat. I really should have used a peel off base coat since I used glitter polish, but I forgot here and paid for it later. After my base coat dried, I applied a thick, messy French tip on my middle and ring nails to act as the cupcake liner. While those nails were drying, I painted a white base on my index and pinky nails. Going back to my middle and ring nails, I used a striping brush and light teal acrylic paint to paint on some evenly spaced lines over the messy French tip. As I waited for that to dry, I used liquid latex around my cuticles on my index and pinky fingers to minimize cleanup.
After the latex dried, I used two different teal colors and a makeup sponge to create a gradient. I then applied a thin layer of top coat to smooth the gradient and peel off the latex. On my middle and ring fingers, I used white polish and a large dotting tool to create the top of the cupcake. When that dried, I took a small detailing brush and a picked small pieces of glitter out of a glitter polish to make sprinkles. I used the same polish on top of the gradient. Lastly, I painted a small heart on top of the cupcakes and applied fast dry top coat to smooth seal the design.

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