Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dragon Scale Nail Art

Today's nails are dragon scales!! These particular nails were inspired by Game of Thrones: House of Targaryen. I don't personally watch Game of Thrones but I loved the way that these turned out. 

To start this manicure, I first applied base coat to protect my natural nails from staining. I then applied ONE coat of a blood red polish, I used Revlon Red from Revlon. After my base color completely dried, I used a makeup sponge and two red polishes to create a gradient effect. The polishes I used were my base color from before and a darker red called Bewitching from Revlon. I also used liquid latex from Amazon for easy cleanup.
When my gradient was done, I put on a thin coat of quick dry top coat and waited until it was dry. After my topcoat was dry, I took a small detailing brush with black acrylic paint and drew small scale shapes starting from the free edge of the nail bed. When all five nails were completed, I took a small dotting tool with a red glitter polish and placed glitter polish randomly into the points of the scales. After everything was dry, I applied two coats of quick dry top coat to smooth out the glitter and seal my design.

Products Used:
Revlon: Revlon Red
Revlon: Bewitching
Cinapro Nail Sugar: Cherry Cola
Pure Ice: Top Coat
Black Acrylic Paint

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