Friday, August 7, 2015

Minion Grid Nails

Today's post was completely inspired by @dutchnailss Minion nails that she did back in July. As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to recreate them. These were so much fun do to and really easy.

I started by first applying base coat, painting my middle and ring finger blue, and painting my index, thumb, and pinky a light yellow color. After applying two coats of each color and waiting for them to completely dry, I used Scotch tape cut into thin pieces to create a grid pattern on my blue nails. Using a dotting tool with black, white, and yellow polish, I filled in the squares, making sure each color was in a diagonal line. Make sure you remove the tape before the polish dries. When the squares were dry, I used silver, black, and white polish to create the goggles on the Minions. After everything completely dried, I applied a fast dry top coat to seal the design.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Black and White Nails

Today I have more nail art (obviously) and a new nail length! I decided to chop off my nails because my long nails were getting in the way. I had to extra careful taking out and putting in my contacts because of the poking hazard. To trim my nails, I marked where I wanted to cut with white acrylic paint and then used some nail trimmers to cut just above the the line. Then I used a nail file to smooth the cut edge and shape my nails square. Onto the nail art!

To start this simple mani I applied base coat and then painted my index and pinky fingers white, my middle finger black, and my ring and thumb gold. I then applied a top coat to my white nails and let it completely dry. Using Scotch tape I cut into thin strips, I applied them horizontally across my nail and painted over them with black polish. Immediately after applying the black polish, I removed the tape and corrected any imperfections. On my middle nail I used white acrylic paint and dotting tool to create rows of dots. Lastly I applied a single black dot near my cuticle on my ring and thumb nails. Once everything was completely dry, I applied a quick dry top coat to seal the design.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bridal Lace Nails

Today's nail art is bridal lace nails. These, at least I think, are the best lace nails I've ever done and I was super proud of them when I was done. Read below for a tutorial.

To start this gorgeous mani, I applied a layer of base coat to protect my nails. I then applied a coat of a light baby pink. I like Sally Hansen's "Tickled Pink" because the formula is very opaque for such a light color. After the pink layer was dry, I used white acrylic paint and a detailing brush to create some floral-looking lace shapes in two opposite corners of each nail. in between those, I painted a diamond netting pattern with dots in the centers of each section. When everything was dry, I applied a fast dry top coat to seal the design.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Simple French Tips

I know that there are a million French tip nail tutorials out there, but another one can't hurt. Today's nails are simple bright white French tips! For me, this is the longest my nails have been in a long time, so I decided to do these to see how long my free edge really is. Now, my nails are stained and that's quite obvious from the slight yellow tint you can see above the white, but it doesn't bother me and I don't really care what color they are(as long as they aren't stained green or blue or something). The only reason the staining is visible, is because I didn't apply a sheer pink on top. Now for nails!

To start this super simple and chic manicure, I first applied a layer of base coat to protect my nails. When the base coat was completely dry, I used a hole reinforcement sticker to create the perfect smile line. After applying the sticker, I used an opaque white polish and covered my entire free edge, wrapping the tip to prevent any premature tip wear. I then peeled the sticker off immediately and waited for the white polish to dry. After all my nails (my left hand because I rarely paint my right hand) were dry, I applied a fast dry top coat to seal the design.