Saturday, August 1, 2015

Simple French Tips

I know that there are a million French tip nail tutorials out there, but another one can't hurt. Today's nails are simple bright white French tips! For me, this is the longest my nails have been in a long time, so I decided to do these to see how long my free edge really is. Now, my nails are stained and that's quite obvious from the slight yellow tint you can see above the white, but it doesn't bother me and I don't really care what color they are(as long as they aren't stained green or blue or something). The only reason the staining is visible, is because I didn't apply a sheer pink on top. Now for nails!

To start this super simple and chic manicure, I first applied a layer of base coat to protect my nails. When the base coat was completely dry, I used a hole reinforcement sticker to create the perfect smile line. After applying the sticker, I used an opaque white polish and covered my entire free edge, wrapping the tip to prevent any premature tip wear. I then peeled the sticker off immediately and waited for the white polish to dry. After all my nails (my left hand because I rarely paint my right hand) were dry, I applied a fast dry top coat to seal the design. 

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