Monday, July 13, 2015

Ice Cream Drips

Today I was inspired by @cutepolish and her ice cream drip nails. These were so fun and simple to do! Instructions will be below. :)

To start this easy mani I applied base coat to protect my nails from staining. I then applied two coats of a baby pink polish. 

When my pink base dried, I used a large dotting tool and brown polish to create large spots as the base of the drips. While I waited for those to dry, I used the polish brush to swipe a strip of brown across the tip of my nail. I then used a small brush to connect and fill in the drips.

When the drips dried, I used blue, purple, pink, and yellow acrylic paint with my detailing brush to draw sprinkles randomly all over the drips. After everything completely dried, I applied a fast dry top coat to smooth and seal the design. 

Products Used:
Pure Ice: Love
Pure Ice: Scandal
Various Acrylic Paints
Pure Ice: Top Coat
Loreal: One Stop Base

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