Friday, July 10, 2015

Floral Leopard Print

The nails of the day are a floral leopard print! For this mani, I was 100% inspired by @jauntyjuli.
The blue color that a used as my base color was Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away! stained my entire nail bed. I would recommend using two coats of base coat when using this color to prevent any staining that could get through. Now onto the topic of this post, the nail art!

I'm not going to do an entire walk through of how I did this mani because it took forever, but I'll give you guys an outline of how I did it.
To start I applied base coat to protect my nails from staining (which obviously didn't work) and then applied two thin coats of Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away!. When that had dried, I took a small detailing brush with black and light blue acrylic paint and created a leopard print towards the tip of my nail. I applied a fast dry top coat when that had dried to smooth out the surface for more nail art.
After letting the top coat completely dry, I used a medium dotting tool, a detailing brush, white, purple, black, and mustard colored acrylic paint to create several flowers on each nail, varying the placement. To create the thin lines on the daisies, I used watered down black paint and a thin striping brush to draw thin, wavy lines. When everything was completely dry, I applied a fast dry topcoat to smooth the surface and seal the design.

Products Used:
Sally Hansen: Blue Me Away!
Variety of acrylic paints
Loreal: One Stop Base
Pure Ice: Top Coat

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