Sunday, July 12, 2015

Donut Half Moon Mani

Today's manicure is a half moon mani with donuts inspired by the talented @dutchnailss on Instagram! This nail design was so cute, I wanted to recreate right away but had to get some new brushes first because my last detailing brush succumbed to death by acetone.

To start this mani I applied base coat like always. When that dried, I applied two thin coats of a sheer pink polish. After waiting for my base color to completely dry, I took my new detailing brush with tan polish and drew a half donut shape at the base of  my nail. After filling that in and letting it dry, I used a pink polish to go over that but leaving the edges of the tan visible. I also added drips to fill in the empty nail space. When the pink dried I used my detailing brush again with light pink,blue and yellow acrylic paint to create sprinkles all over the frosting. After everything completely dried I applied a top coat to smooth and seal the design.

Products Used:
China Glaze: Dance Baby
Pure Ice: Shore Bet
Various Acrylic Paints
Loreal: One Stop Base
Pure Ice: Top Coat

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