Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Camouflage French Tip Nails

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in while. Like I mentioned on Instagram, I recently started school so I've been busy with that, and sadly I broke my phone. Good news though, I got a new one! Since I got my new phone, I should be posting regularly now, which means almost everyday or every two to three days. Now for today's nails! I have some cool camo nails with a bright orange French tip for you today! These were super fun to do and also something I hadn't done before. Enjoy!

To start this fun mani, I applied my brand new base coat and two coats of a tan polish. After my base color dried, I used various acrylic paints and polishes to create the camouflage splotches on my nail bed. When the splotches were completely dry, I applied a fast dry top coat and then used a white polish to create a thick, straightedge French tip. When the white polish was dry, I went over the top of the white only with a bright orange polish. After everything was totally dry, I applied one last layer of top coat to seal everything in.

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